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The funniest thing...ever...

Most of the jokes below are paraphrased, unless I say otherwise, and most of his act is improvised anyway, so the wording is probably never going to be the same.

I've been an Eddie fan for, what, almost four years now. There was no way in hell I was going to miss a one-night only gig in Cincy, so I shelled out the $43 and went, my dad went as well. Now I had my concerns with my dad going, as Eddie's--well, renown for being a transvestite--but he's in "bloke mode" in Stripped (and I should add for those not introduced to the Izzard, he's not gay. If you want an explanation go to Youtube and search "Eddie Izzard; Dress to Kill; Army" and you'll find a clip that explains it all).

As far as the content goes, hilarious. "Stripped" is an attempt to strip everything back down, the heels, the outfits, even the runtime of the show (which may have been longer, he improvs a lot, but he really got into some things i.e. British Wrestlers. "Your wrestling is the WWF: The Wrestling Wildlife Fund. Oh, you've pinned him, congratulations, here's a panda!" *Gasp* "did he hit you? You've got two black eyes." "I'm a fucking panda.") Anyway, the goal of the show is to examine civilization and how we've grown. He touches a lot on religion and his decision (not that I agree with it) that if there is a God, his plan is to basically not have a plan. While I don't necessarily agree on that, it's still utterly hilarious to watch him live out these hypothetical ideas (God arguing with Moses over the commandment "Thou shalt not covet thy neighbors ox? Why?" "Someone wanted my ox, once, and it pissed me off. It's annoying, that is." "Hey, check out that guys ox--no, it's alright, I can covet it, he's not my neighbor, he lives across the street.." etc. "...surely it should have been thou shalt not cover thy neighbor's ox. That is annoying.") I loved his opening about Cincinnatus and Wikipedia, because it's true that there ought to be a giant banner on articles that says "some people think this article is shit."

Absolutely amazing. Also my first stand-up event (and everyone goes "Quois?", but yes, though I know a lot about it, I've never been to one proper), very pleased.

A few other things that made me laugh;
"And Charlie Darwin wrote that book, 'Monkey Monkey Monkey Monkey, You.'" (Exact)
"I don't know if there is intelligent design, because you pick up a rock and look under and don't see intelligent shit, just shit."

I hope he tours more, and that I'm in areas close enough to see it. If you can--go. Cincy sold out the day I bought my tickets (the second day they were available) so get them...if possible.



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May. 12th, 2008 07:27 pm (UTC)
I was at this show too
Have a post on my workout blog:
Yeah, it has nothing to do with working out but c'est la vie...

The show was a lot of fun. I really want to see him live again but need to save my money this summer.
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